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VF Capital aims to help build the leading technology companies of tomorrow by providing capital injection, playing a pro-active role of nurturing, mentoring, directing and developing the entrepreneurialships of the investee companies.


VF Capital upholds the virtue of integrity. VF Capital believes that with this virtue, the transparency in business and management practices will be improved significantly.

VF Capital is committed to build a mutually beneficial relationship with its investee companies-business partners and associates - one that promotes growth and progress together.

Business Statement

VF Capital focuses on technology investment namely, Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology in the Asia Pacific region.

VF Capital seeks to invest in company where it can strike partnerships with the management of the investee company to constructively advise on strategic and board level issues.

VF Capital believes in pro-active approach to all its investment but relies on the CEO and senior management team of each investee company to operate its business. A core philosophy of VF Capital is not to become involved in the implementation of operational matters but to ensure that the right management team is in place to carry out the goals and strategies of the investee company.



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